Fireballs and such

Remember that night we watched a fireball
the sky
and hit the ground bouncing like a giant
disco ball trailing a string of
embers and it scared us so bad that you
stomped the accelerator like you were
that car’s ass so we flew down that hi
way like demons outa hell and all
I could think about was that movie
I saw once where a bunch of kids were
driving down a lonely country road
(LIKE THIS ONE) at night and a fireball
of light (LIKE THAT ONE) just snatched
them UP and transported them into an
alien spaceship and how after that
night they were never
quite right



21 thoughts on “Fireballs and such

  1. Love this and it brought back the fears of childhood. As a child I loved sci-fi (and still do) – but was terrified of (what to me) was the very real threat of alien invasion. Little as I was – I had my coping strategy ready – I would rush head first into the nearest brick wall and kill myself! Luckily, the invasion never happened…
    Anna :o]


    1. Anna, I may be watching too much Falling Skies….I’ve been dreaming of aliens and it jogged my memory about a certain incident. Thanks for reading and commenting!


    1. Thanks, Martin. All of a sudden I was bored with my template so I changed it. I’m glad you approve! The building in the photo is across the river from my place and it’s one of my favorites.


  2. haha awesome…love your line breaks and how they lead places you never would expect…this was a fun read….falling skies is the bomb as well…so good….cant believe i have to wait til next summer…aiy!


  3. Great read– you know when your reading a piece and it’s like you’ve read it before, only you hadn’t, and you know what comes next, only you don’t, and then when you read it, it’s exactly what you were thinking? Yeah. Like that 🙂 peace, Jason


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