Essay in Love in the Time of Covid

I am thrilled that my essay, “A Bittersweet Pilgrimage”, about my recently deceased Aunt is online today in the new issue of Love in the Time of Covid Chronicle. As I was writing it I had this wonderful journal in mind and hoped it would be accepted there. Big thanks go out to Editors Michelle Elvy and Witi Ihimaera for accepting it and to Dorianne Laux for permission to use lines from her poem “Dog Moon” in it. I hope you’ll add it to your Sunday reading!

5 thoughts on “Essay in Love in the Time of Covid

  1. So poignant Charlotte. There should be more acknowledgement of the importance of aunts in our lives. Death from whatever cause has been wrenching this past year. I’m glad you were at least able to exchange images and words. (K)


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