NaPoWriMo 2022 day 30

Fallen Magnolia 2022
Rings & Seeds

Sunlight inhales the fleeting rain
swallows a mirage of purples
and golds, we are witness
to a changing face from shower
to sleep. Each day flowers turn
petals from east to west, trees
add rings in a seasonal birth
and death. But we are like laundry
on the clothesline being washed
and worn, shedding our skins
without renewal. Our dissatisfaction
is rooted too deeply. Birds scatter
seeds from forest to seaside
safeguarding continued resurrection
while we flap and stumble
on wings we broke ourselves.

We made it! 30 days of poetry. Huge thanks to Paul Brooke of The Wombwell Rainbow and artists Gaynor Kane, John Phandal Law, Anjum Wasim Dar for the Ekphrastic inspiration throughout the month. This poem was inspired today by all three pieces of art which can be seen here.

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