Blue Unending

Every old hound dog I ever knew was named Blue, the blue tick, the coon hound, the Bassett with rheumy eyes that waited in a wallered out spot in a neighbor’s yard for a touch, a glance, waited patiently into the blue, blue yonder. For dVerse Poets Pub “Eyeing the Quadrille #147”.


Dusty trunk of cracked leatherand crusty lock reveal Great-Gran’s long-forgotten cache of fine Chinese silks,bolts of vibrant threads that survived tempestuous seas and mud-sucking roadsbut Great-Gran vanished in the waves of flu, the silks packed away, tempting nibblesfor attic mice. Written for today’s dVerse prompt to include the word “nibble”. I decided to do an … More Reincarnation

Unfinished Ending

The earth cracksshifts, slants Breath stillsSpirit sinks untilall that’s left is a huskLife evaporates like a magic trickUp in the skystars glitter Sharp pointed teethwaitingDying leaves shiveringand rattlingon branches trying to hold onTrying It’s a gloomy morning here with a cold, steady rain falling. I suppose it’s got me in a blue-ish mood. Not all-the-way … More Unfinished Ending

Me and Pearl

we arecannibal ash left-behindsfading static on lost frequenciesdoppelgängers of used-to-bewe arehardscrabble nightsshattered shot glassesdried up shimmiescurdled bits of bloodwe areidle spit dried to salton steamy blacktopwithered illusionsscrewed up tattooswe arestruggling steel in a hot metal world It’s Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub. My poem was published in Eunoia Review in 2018 and is … More Me and Pearl

Creation’s Chaos

Creation’s ChaosVoices fall from the night sky, a chorale of invisible comets disguised as bone and wax,splashing over the landscape, hopeful as sleeping seeds windblown into creation’s chaos,searching eyes balanced between luck and inevitability. Nursing a tender center desperate for escape, it flings itself outward, buoyant for one more day.If you listen it becomes a … More Creation’s Chaos

Clipped Wings

It’s Prosery Monday at dVerse Poetry Pub. Today Merril challenges us to write a prose piece of no more than 144 words including the following quote: “I am bombarded yet I stand.”From Adrienne Rich, “Planetarium” My piece is titled “Clipped Wings”. Your ceramic bird fell and shattered like our dreams of a long, shared life. … More Clipped Wings


Watercolors Our days and nights bleed togetherWatercolors on canvasHue and tint minglingOver hours, minutes, secondsOur passing bodies weave a patternOf do’s and don’tsOf when’s and what if’sWe linger in life’s paint strokesIts colors running faster and faster In response to dVerse Poet’s Pub prompt for Quadrille #136: Let’s Linger. It’s been a long, long time … More Watercolors