Riding the Ferry

The breeze off the river ruffles my hair, the sun shining on the water, diamonds with life-long intentions. I step with the crowd onto the dock – languages, scents, smiles intermingling as we move forward as one in a shared camaraderie, yet diverse as the stars.  

Inspired by Poets

Inspired by Poets Sometimes I think I think too hard Too much Too long I get stuck inside My own head Where it’s often dark It’s crowded It’s unforgiving I want to be unstuck To look outside myself For possibilities For spontaneity I want to be loose Limber-jointed Wing-soaring Mistake-accepting Like three of my poet … More Inspired by Poets

River of Music

Fingers of wind blew my hair around my head like Medusa’s snakes as I walked along the river levee listening to the slurp of water on shore, it’s brackish smell strong in my nostrils. Strands of music born on the breeze, twang of guitar, wail of horn, the boom of bass drum thumping a beat, … More River of Music

Sweet Solitude

Let other girls have their chatty lunches, avocado toast and skinny lattes. Let them compare photos of perfect children, judge each other’s yoga wear and shoes and haircuts. I’ll run far away in freedom’s footsteps, search for the slant of late afternoon sun reflected in blue, stretch until I’m filled with starlight and silence, every … More Sweet Solitude