NaPoWriMo 2022 day 30

Rings & SeedsSunlight inhales the fleeting rainswallows a mirage of purplesand golds, we are witnessto a changing face from showerto sleep. Each day flowers turn petals from east to west, trees add rings in a seasonal birth and death. But we are like laundryon the clothesline being washed and worn, shedding our skinswithout renewal. Our … More NaPoWriMo 2022 day 30

Winter Wind

Winter wind —-Chases clouds across blue skyHowls at shivering palm trees ~~~ Inspired by this post about January winds on Naturalist Weekly, a wonderful blog that connects nature and poetry. *This is the palm tree that fell right behind my bedroom wall where I was sitting, during Hurricane Ida. Boom!

Favorite Creative Nonfiction: 3rd Quarter 2021

Life is amazing even when it’s not. Even when it’s another ordinary day filled with ordinary chores and responsibilities. Because….because….one small, seemingly insignificant thing can happen to turn it all upside down. These six stories, all set within ordinary days, have a thing that turned them upside down and made them amazing reading for us. … More Favorite Creative Nonfiction: 3rd Quarter 2021

A Well-Rounded Life

We all know that education is by no means a mere matter of books and that aesthetic environment contributes as much to mental growth as facts assimilated from a printed page. No life is well-rounded without the subtle inspiration of beauty. —- Beatrix Ferrand Who is Beatrix Ferrand? I found out recently while scrolling through … More A Well-Rounded Life

On 13 Days of Rain

On 13 Days of Rain Hush now, dog! There’s nuthin’ on the front  porch but an empty chair rockin’ in the rain spatter drippin’ off the roof. Thunder’s rappin’ an a-rollin’ and lightnin’s doin’ the stanky leg ‘cross the sky – yeah, it’s loud enough to wake the dead but they best stay sleepin’ lest … More On 13 Days of Rain


I visited The Oracle this morning and here’s what she said…. Crushed Shine me like waxy whispers through a thousand tiny storms Honey my hair in forest mist rock spray and lazy lake wind Chant diamond-tongued petals sweet in the moonlight Soar like a symphony in a lust-milked sky