Fold us into Velvet

darkness of eyes, darkness of cloudsflowing off the Gulf,lamps will not light this place as cerulean yields to burgundyas night folds us into velvet,when we sleepyou sometimes hold my hand —— from “When You Sleep Without Pain” by Peach Delphine in Feral Poetry

Poem in Eunoia Review

I’m pleased to share I have a new poem in Eunoia Review, “Me and Pearl”. It was inspired by a Doriane Laux poem about Janis Joplin, “Pearl”, one of my favorite poems. You ca hear it on this playlist. Much thanks to Ian Chung for publishing “Me and Pearl”. .

For Tara

“When you’re in the dark, you have to try to remember that it’s a dance – dark, light, dark, light, dim. Or when you’re in the sun but the clouds come, of course you instantly think, Oh, God, now it’s going to get cold and wet, and it’s all fucked, but then you might remember … More For Tara