A Poem for Liz

Today would have been Elizabeth Taylor’s 90th birthday. I grew up seeing her on TV, in the movies, and in magazines. Her on-again/off-again marriage to Richard Burton was impossible to ignore – they were always making news. I wasn’t really a fan, it’s just that she was a huge star so she was everywhere. I … More A Poem for Liz

What’s Happening

In my NaPoWriMo World – nothing. It’s apparent I’m not going to be able to participate this year so I’ve given myself permission to be ok with it. My days seem to fly by and, honestly, I seem to have lost interest – for now, anyway – in writing poetry. I find myself more drawn … More What’s Happening

Divergent Paths

I was never the girl who knew what she wanted and expected nothing less. The one who walked with a confident air, flipping her long silken hair over her shoulder, flashing a smile the brightness of a dentist’s fantasy. I was never the girl who could speak with ease about Nietzsche or China’s economy or … More Divergent Paths