January. The month of lists, resolutions, promises. Hope. I’ve never liked lists. They get lost. They’re incomplete. They stare down at you from the fridge door when you’re going for some ice cream. They nag. Resolutions and promises? Easy to over inflate, easier to burst. We are busy people. Why do we add more busyness … More Hope

13 Odd Questions

There’s a column in the weekend Wall Street Journal that I enjoy reading called “20 Odd Questions”. All sorts of people are quizzed, from actors to artists, athletes to writers, designers to scientists. It’s interesting to read the answers and, often, you learn something new or glean tips you can use yourself. I like to … More 13 Odd Questions


I was recently nominated for a Sunshine Blogger award by Nick at Fifty Words Daily. It’s been a long time since I’ve been nominated for a blogging award. I’m really quite tickled because, for me, getting one of these tells me that at least one person likes to visit here. I’ve been blogging since 2005 … More Sunshine

Thank you, pollen

for awakening me with a head that feels like a block of wood, too heavy for my scrawny neck to hold. Thank you for crunchy, crusty eyes and barely functioning ears through which I hear garbled words that make no sense. Thank you for screwing with my balance, making me appear drunk at 8 a.m. … More Thank you, pollen

June List of what’s Going On in My Reading and Watching World

  I am shocked it’s June. I feel like it should still be February or thereabouts. Spring, my favorite time of year, is virtually over and the sun’s heat envelopes me on my morning dog walks. Sitting on the patio drinking coffee isn’t an option anymore. But, I won’t complain (much) because I’d rather this … More June List of what’s Going On in My Reading and Watching World