I remember your nimble fingers in the morning tickling down  my piano key spine from the straightness of my neck to the roundness of my derrière as the light of a new-born day dappled gold across our love worn bed. I remember your nimble fingers in the late afternoon following the S-curve of my sated … More Ambidextrous


Amaze I dreamed of your kiss last night. When I awoke and remembered it brought tears to my eyes. The pre-dawn’s frail light and the call of a single bird caused a hunger between my breasts as I lay in my bed caught in a sacred nether-world of memory and desire. Time has a way … More Amaze


stolen a glimpse through the drizzle standing on the stoop inherent sexuality generates burning shivers and a quickening of the blood – a tease of what was and wants to be again but ends with a light kiss meager recompense for a life misplaced ~~~ Poem inspired by 3 Word Wednesday. Photo of double shotgun … More stolen


The prompts for today’s 3WW are frustrate ~ indecent ~ understand Frustrate She waited an indecent amount of time in a world where consideration used to matter called ~Planet Earth~ still inhabited by (as far as she knew) humans with the ability to reason who could understand that a question expects an answer,  even the … More Frustrate


The prompts for this week’s 3 Word Wednesday were Disarm ~ Engage ~ Mayhem. Done Disarm the heart Mayhem ensues Engage in snark Both of us lose (sigh)

Delaronde Street

The prompts for yesterday’s Three Word Wednesday were Fracture~Noise~Vanish This week I’ve also submitted this poem to readwritepoem where the prompt was to write something inspired by a news headline. My poem is inspired by a headline from the online site for WWOZ, my favorite local radio station. delaronde street by late august we’ve become … More Delaronde Street

Greek Revival

Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Decay~ Graceful ~Riot Greek Revival We made love in the living room lying in front of the fireplace on my grandmother’s quilt  The air smelled of sweet decay, an aura surrounding us of genteel  ladies taking tea in another time their  legs pressed gracefully together chastely hidden And … More Greek Revival

cross the bridge

Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Fickle Sparkle Wrinkle   cross the bridge it grows sparkles sizzles hisses flesh yearns as breath quickens muscles tremble & belly burns brow wrinkles at every turn… love is cruel life is kind the heart keeps the flame alive the body is a fickle tool eternal journey, memory’s … More cross the bridge


Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Efficient Optimize Treacherous duplicity she walks over treacherous waters dark and deep as the demon wind whips her body with efficient, immoral intent but her balance is sure and her journey a calling eyes, heart and mind are focused to optimize her crossing through the banshee wind with … More Duplicity


she rambles along a path of stars her hair a halo of static electricity eyes the color of storm clouds obscuring the moon she doesn’t ponder the past her denial is genuine and her heart is true yet she walks in her sleep and her spirit is coiled into itself by acquiescence so her eyes … More erato