Reading, #Writing, Sharing and what I’m doing about it

I mentioned in a previous post that there’s a thriving poetry community on Twitter. Now there’s a movement, started by Kelli Russell Agodon and Donna Vorreyer , to expand the twitter poetry community into blogging. Some of the poets are reviving their blogs while others who never stopped are joining the “revival”. Like me. A … More Reading, #Writing, Sharing and what I’m doing about it

Hot Reads

It’s a gorgeous day in New Orleans – feels like Spring! I’m thinking about going to the river and snapping some photos but, honestly, I’m feeling quite content puttering around the house and yard and doing some online reading. I have a few links to share today of good reading I’ve done lately: a couple … More Hot Reads

I will never,ever,ever

have a tidy coffee table like you see in those chichi design magazines. Mine is always covered with books, magazines, DVD’s, CD’s, iPad, journal and, at various times, dog biscuits, remote controls, plates of crumbs and cups of half-finished tea. I love the minimal look of a coffee table with only an object or two … More I will never,ever,ever