NaPoWriMo Day 19

Cemetery Garden: A Cento In every room of my home, the candles had been pinched dark,(1) my mind spends much of its time reliving finished conversations. (2) I think perhaps an apple is the universe and your body is an orchard full of trees, (3) the bitter taste of half a life. What if you … More NaPoWriMo Day 19

Publication Twofer

I’m pleased to have two bits of my artistic efforts published in the world today. Two Cento’s are in Unlost Journal, with thanks to Dale Wisely, Howie Good, and Laura Gregory for selecting them. The August issue of Pithead Chapel features my photo as it’s cover art. My thanks to Brittany Terwilliger and staff. August is my most … More Publication Twofer

Fear & Flow

Fear tempers my love of the letters Of this world which are as pins Through the body, like a woman in love With her own making, infatuated with all Corners of the blemished universe. The heart closes its doors, becomes Smoke, a wispy lie. Following the North Star Doesn’t lead to freedom anymore but You … More Fear & Flow

Cento: When I Go

Think of me as grass stain, skinned knee, sliver of new moon, unseen tremors or the chill rasp of sparked surprise, rose petals and blood in the palm of your hand, teardrops coated in phosphorus. Say hosanna. Let it mean Save Me. ~~~ Credits: Milo Gallagher, Robert Okaji, Christina Clark, Christine Beck, Clare Martin, Erren … More Cento: When I Go