NaPoWriMo Day 27

Pink Moon 5 a.m. & the moon looms large in my pollen-streaked window, tree branches knocking across her surface. It’s been ages since  I’ve been awake in this early morning  hour, I’ve forgotten how solid the night  can be, empty of ghosts in the closet  and monsters under the bed –  they only seem to … More NaPoWriMo Day 27

9 Years 8 Months

You sat at the back of the room like a glacier, non-moving, non-blinking, arms crossed over your chest. I chattered on, ignoring you but sneaking a side-eye now and then. Thousands of days have passed, this thing moved way past estrangement into forever-gone land long ago. But you reappeared, hovering like fog over shifting ground … More 9 Years 8 Months

Brain Dump

I began working on a CNF piece a few months ago based on an interaction I had with a woman in the jury lounge when I was called up for Federal jury duty. The first three paragraphs flowed out easily. The next couple came weeks later. Now I can’t stand the thought of going back … More Brain Dump

Why It Must Come

“…poetry isn’t revolution but a way of knowing why it must come.” —Adrienne Rich, “Dreamwood” Why It Must Come (After Adrienne Rich) The one great choice is made instinctively, there is no manual no set of directions. The hand-me-down desk has no typewriter or even a pen and paper. The poet needs none of it. … More Why It Must Come


No matter how old you get the nightmare still horrifies the scream for help is just a whisper the thrashing in hostile arms hopeless but still… there’s a last hard push for recognition and the strangled cry for “Mamma!” that awakens and you turn on the light with heart to bursting and wild eyes searching dark … More Unsettled


One time I bought a fake rock – somewhere, I don’t remember where – that had “Dream” cut into it. At that particular moment in time I couldn’t not buy it just because it was a fake rock. “Dream” is probably my favorite word because dreams are so ripe with possibility and anyone can dream, … More Dream

Defiant of Gravity

I see you in sleep, the sands of remembrance collecting in the corners of my eyes. You, walking across the kitchen bare feet padding quietly, slim legs in blue shorts, slipping in and out. Your face smiles familiar with a luminescence defiant of gravity as you fall in slow motion into my arms where you … More Defiant of Gravity

Anxiety Dream

I wandered down Vagary Street amid colors clamorous and clandestine a melding of brights and pastels and muddy depressives, people eating, laughing, frowning, lapping tears sliding down cheeks and onto lips, salty and seasoned with sorrow. I lay down on a park bench, curled knees to chin, overwhelmed with merciless waves of fervor and the … More Anxiety Dream

803 Monroe

I needed to call you but I’d forgotten your number, the one I always thought was burned into my memory — for hours I anxiously thumbed through white and yellow pages, forgetting then remembering your name. Between the pages I could see your dining room, the floor tile cracked like a spider’s web, the old … More 803 Monroe

Through the Holes

I caught you in the air like a lightning bug You glowed between my hands, my feet left the ground Our effervescence could not be harnessed, could not be saved in a glass jar with a lid We escaped through the holes and became swallowed in the night