Publication Twofer

I’m pleased to have two bits of my artistic efforts published in the world today. Two Cento’s are in Unlost Journal, with thanks to Dale Wisely, Howie Good, and Laura Gregory for selecting them. The August issue of Pithead Chapel features my photo as it’s cover art. My thanks to Brittany Terwilliger and staff. August is my most … More Publication Twofer

Beautiful Misfit

Pass through the skin of the chrysalis, emerge pumped into Earth, a mythological creature with a body blooded on sunlight, a body called more, and wings perched perpendicular from bathing in more heat than color. ***** Napowrimo Day 24 prompt: “write a poem that, like “Dictionary Illustrations,” is inspired by a reference book.” My poem … More Beautiful Misfit

Found Poem: Lessons

*** Nothing was next to enough. Rubbed the wrong way was comfort. Most of all, conquered worlds prepared her to live her life a burned queen wearing pearls. *** This set of wonderful found poems in Thrush inspired me to go looking for my own.

Bodies of a More Complicated Nature

The small parallelipipeds traversed on the hairs of leaves, its casual adventitious body roughening the surface while a hundred armed mites rang’d, breaking one another’s necks. Smutty daubings, engraved by furrows and holes, are viewed as curious writing. Light and shadows are watched through the microscope where the least spot is as big as the … More Bodies of a More Complicated Nature