A Well-Rounded Life

We all know that education is by no means a mere matter of books and that aesthetic environment contributes as much to mental growth as facts assimilated from a printed page. No life is well-rounded without the subtle inspiration of beauty. —- Beatrix Ferrand Who is Beatrix Ferrand? I found out recently while scrolling through … More A Well-Rounded Life

What’s Happening

In my NaPoWriMo World – nothing. It’s apparent I’m not going to be able to participate this year so I’ve given myself permission to be ok with it. My days seem to fly by and, honestly, I seem to have lost interest – for now, anyway – in writing poetry. I find myself more drawn … More What’s Happening

Lament for Mandevilla

Lament for Mandevilla The rain falls turning life yellow, stealing nourishment. The vibrant red of new beginnings hangs pale and drained. The sky is a thief one day, a savior the next. ***** Another day of rain in New Orleans. Even the tropicals have had enough. My poor Mandevillas.