Up To Down

Should we climb the wall grasping with blind fingers and toes for love cracks clinging to sweetness turned to dust in our moldy mouths Should we drag our anger and our blue acquiescence, bloodied, over a cat tongue rack for misplaced hope cooled to lifeless ash Or should you go your way and I’ll go … More Up To Down

A Tough Language

“So when people say that poetry is a luxury, or an option, or for the educated middle classes, or that it shouldn’t be read at school because it is irrelevant, or any of the strange and stupid things that are said about poetry and its place in our lives, I suspect that the people doing … More A Tough Language

Education. Equality.

We are stronger than bombs, more determined than the Taliban, as sisters and daughters we stand together under falling bricks and plaster, our bodies and our will are iron, we do not bend. Malala’s heart is ours, she gives face and voice to our struggle, we are resolute in the face of hatred from desert … More Education. Equality.