Creative Nonfiction That Will Drop Your Mouth Open

As you may know, Twitter has a thriving writing community. It’s where I found many of the writers that I love to read. Today’s Creative Nonfiction selections have three writers I came to know through Twitter and two that are new to me, although I found their stories via Twitter links. For many years memoir … More Creative Nonfiction That Will Drop Your Mouth Open

Roots and Rituals

Roots and Rituals when you say,             Give me silence,                         purify my sour heart – I prepare yellow gills of liminal poison brush damp earth from caps scented of hoar and musk, slice then grind under mortar and … More Roots and Rituals


My ache sings Rose petals Fluffy lickless love music A honey-tongued Dream Shot through with shadows * The Oracle was calling to me this morning. This is written in memory of my sweet Rosebud who died yesterday. I’m having a hard time reconciling that she’s gone – I guess it’s still too fresh.

7 Flash Fictions

Got a few minutes? Pining for a really good, quick read while you eat lunch or take a break from your daily routine? Have I got some gems for you! Seven Flash Fiction/Micro Fiction stories that’ll knock your socks off. One for every day of the week. Enjoy! * Venus Flytrap by Candace Hartsuyker in … More 7 Flash Fictions


What happens in the night Never stays there Sitting on your shoulders Breathing into your hair A hitch hiker that won’t shut up And you, the driverless car Never reaching the horizon

On Fire & Life

We are a fire of unfamiliarity  jumping into the night, an abandonment  of reason, a run through what-ifs  oranges seared in retinas yellows molted on tongues a language to be discovered  on our journey through hard times or joyful bursting hearts instinctual and primal because we are atoms and molecules  and the stuff that makes … More On Fire & Life

Dry Spell

Moisture is clinging to everything – on the undersides of flower petals it glistens like starlight, on the edges of the awning where it drops on my head just as I step out from under, on the slick black back of my cat slinking through the bushes hunting lizards. But I am dry, dry, dry … More Dry Spell