Thursday Doors

I’ve been enjoying the Thursday Doors photo challenge for several years via Manja, my online friend. Manja is a wonderful photographer based in Italy by way of Slovenia and her posts are so interesting. In addition to photos, she writes about her life which includes her dog, Bestia, poetry, and posts great music videos. Well, … More Thursday Doors

What’s Fixed

My heart and psyche after too many years of discontent,when my way was as lost as a specter in the house where it died. There is no stability in this life, no safety net. But there is the long slow back rub of time to heal the broken parts, smooth over the scars, and newborn … More What’s Fixed

CNF in Tiny Essays

Today is the 14 th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The storm made landfall approximately 40 miles southeast of New Orleans and is responsible for heavy wind damage and the levee breach that drowned much of the city. The subsequent infrastructure break down and hardship, mental and physical, that everyone experienced for a long time afterward … More CNF in Tiny Essays