On 13 Days of Rain

On 13 Days of Rain Hush now, dog! There’s nuthin’ on the front  porch but an empty chair rockin’ in the rain spatter drippin’ off the roof. Thunder’s rappin’ an a-rollin’ and lightnin’s doin’ the stanky leg ‘cross the sky – yeah, it’s loud enough to wake the dead but they best stay sleepin’ lest … More On 13 Days of Rain

Link Love

It’s been too long since I shared from my daily reading habit so I’m fixing that today. I gave myself a limit of six links, otherwise I’d never get it all posted! Five are poems I’ve saved to my Pinterest Poetry Board because they’re keepers and I want to read them over and over again. … More Link Love

Women Who Write

Originally posted on NOLAFemmes:
Audubon Park Labyrinth, New Orleans ? During the month of April, Poetry Month, I’ll be featuring four women poets from Louisiana. They will tell us their writing process, what they read, who they admire, what their favorite words are and many, many other things. They will share a poem with us.…

Rainy Hazy Day

I love rainy days. I’m always more introspective when it rains and it makes me want to write. Rainy days are complex. Like snowflakes, no two rainy days are the same. They can be stormy, wind-driven howls from hell or sprinkly with tiny bits of water lightly landing on eyelids and cheeks or a steady … More Rainy Hazy Day