NaPoWriMo 2022 day 12

Our Tunnel of Love(After Bruce Springsteen)Slipping and sliding, tumbling roughThe love we’re inside isn’t enoughWalls gather closer, encircling wingsThat are clipped and unevenStruggling to springBoth of us stretching, doing our bestTo grow inside our bed of unrestRolling and turning, traveling fastOur journey together is under attack Rhyming poetry isn’t my jam but today I wrote … More NaPoWriMo 2022 day 12

NaPoWriMo 2022 day 10

What it WasIt was how his hair matchedthe golden grain in the fieldshe tended, tenderly with work-roughened hands,focused with a singular vision,so much the same as he tendedme.It was his work ethic, passeddown by generations,that farming was a high calling, thatthe sweatof his labors,the daily sky scanningwould end in feeding millions,the same as his lovefed … More NaPoWriMo 2022 day 10

Napowrimo Day 17

When the moon hits your eye you grab my arm to hold me still, saying I Won’t let you go —- and I turn faster than a deer out-running a bullet, grab your shirt under your chin, thrust my face into yours, say Oh, yeah? Then moonlight fell on us like holy raiments and I … More Napowrimo Day 17

Creative Nonfiction That Will Drop Your Mouth Open

As you may know, Twitter has a thriving writing community. It’s where I found many of the writers that I love to read. Today’s Creative Nonfiction selections have three writers I came to know through Twitter and two that are new to me, although I found their stories via Twitter links. For many years memoir … More Creative Nonfiction That Will Drop Your Mouth Open


My ache sings Rose petals Fluffy lickless love music A honey-tongued Dream Shot through with shadows * The Oracle was calling to me this morning. This is written in memory of my sweet Rosebud who died yesterday. I’m having a hard time reconciling that she’s gone – I guess it’s still too fresh.

7 Flash Fictions

Got a few minutes? Pining for a really good, quick read while you eat lunch or take a break from your daily routine? Have I got some gems for you! Seven Flash Fiction/Micro Fiction stories that’ll knock your socks off. One for every day of the week. Enjoy! * Venus Flytrap by Candace Hartsuyker in … More 7 Flash Fictions