Greek Revival

Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Decay~ Graceful ~Riot Greek Revival We made love in the living room lying in front of the fireplace on my grandmother’s quilt  The air smelled of sweet decay, an aura surrounding us of genteel  ladies taking tea in another time their  legs pressed gracefully together chastely hidden And … More Greek Revival

cross the bridge

Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Fickle Sparkle Wrinkle   cross the bridge it grows sparkles sizzles hisses flesh yearns as breath quickens muscles tremble & belly burns brow wrinkles at every turn… love is cruel life is kind the heart keeps the flame alive the body is a fickle tool eternal journey, memory’s … More cross the bridge


insidious friend relentless enemy releasing suppressed desires baring my vulnerabilities i stumble in a vortex of creativity only to cry out is this my twisted fate? emotional expression at the cost of my soul?


Bones’ writing prompts for today’s 3 Word Wednesday are “Deny~Smile~Uncomfortable”. This one came easily to me today since I had been mulling some thoughts in my mind the last couple of days and the prompts fit in nicely. Thanks, Bone. ~~~ cycles some days i’m happy and i don’t give a fuck and it’s easy … More cycles


maybe being cautious is human but being reckless is divine 😉 This short little poem was inspired by3 Word Wednesday. Today’s prompts were Cautious, Human, Maybe.


changeling as we lay in a tangle of sheets,arms,legs, blonde hair and black panting through the waves of our after-lust i understood with a finality beyond reason that lust has morphed into love into lust into love into lust yet again and never-ending this is the pattern of my life with you neither money nor … More changeling