Each time I heard you sing was like the first time, your voice billowing like thunderclouds rising into blue, then fluttering like cherry blossoms to earth, every note opening space in my chest until my throbbing heart was fully exposed. And so it was when at last we met. I wondered if you could see … More Roxane

A Plastic Bag

A plastic bag in the wind is trash to some, beauty to others. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong? Desperate eyes see freedom in lift and airiness, a thing not of nature riding on nature’s wings, accepted without question, unencumbered by expectations, allowed to be its most spontaneous, creative self. A vessel to hold … More A Plastic Bag

Charlotte’s Top Five

It’s end/beginning of year – list time! Although list posts are multiplying like rabbits online, I’ll go ahead and post my second annual Top Fives in books, movies, TV, and music. Note that these are not books, movies, TV, and music that debuted in 2015 but my personal Top Fives which means, although I’m not … More Charlotte’s Top Five

June List of what’s Going On in My Reading and Watching World

  I am shocked it’s June. I feel like it should still be February or thereabouts. Spring, my favorite time of year, is virtually over and the sun’s heat envelopes me on my morning dog walks. Sitting on the patio drinking coffee isn’t an option anymore. But, I won’t complain (much) because I’d rather this … More June List of what’s Going On in My Reading and Watching World

I will never,ever,ever

have a tidy coffee table like you see in those chichi design magazines. Mine is always covered with books, magazines, DVD’s, CD’s, iPad, journal and, at various times, dog biscuits, remote controls, plates of crumbs and cups of half-finished tea. I love the minimal look of a coffee table with only an object or two … More I will never,ever,ever