Fancy Feet Friday

  I haven’t posted any music in a long time so I thought I’d share this great vid a Facebook friend posted recently. I’m a pretty big H&O fan so there aren’t too many covers get my approval but this one definitely does. It’s so fresh and free-spirited it makes me want to jump in … More Fancy Feet Friday

Charlotte’s Top Five

It’s end/beginning of year – list time! Although list posts are multiplying like rabbits online, I’ll go ahead and post my second annual Top Fives in books, movies, TV, and music. Note that these are not books, movies, TV, and music that debuted in 2015 but my personal Top Fives which means, although I’m not … More Charlotte’s Top Five

Defenseless Anatomy

Come out upon my seas Cursed missed opportunities Am I a part of the cure? Or am I part of the disease? — “Clocks” by Coldplay Defenseless Anatomy And I’m there in the shadows of the sun, the humid air curling the hair on the nape of my neck, your hands curled around my waist … More Defenseless Anatomy

Jazz At 9 a.m.

Clarinet, piano and sax waft out my open door, melodies flowing like clear water over river rock, high and low up and down tinkling, trilling, tumbling one moment, then a slow and steady sizzle the next, spritzing  in my head all the day long…..