The unexpected humidity of a late April night curled the wisps of hair on my damp, exposed neck. The stillness of the air lay as heavily as a predator patiently waiting, the stars shining like sharp white teeth in the moonlight.

The Big Picture

From the window of a moving train you can see only the big picture. Clouds and a wall of green move past like a dream that vanishes when you wake. To focus on one tree or one house or cloud makes your eyes cross with a feeling of hurtling into space from the broken safety … More The Big Picture


used to mean confused bewildered disorganized messy Now it means something smooth refreshing piquant palate spritzing is being prepared by hands sophisticated dexterous graceful buoyant just for you. Cheers!

Polaroid Moment

Easter Sunday afternoon on the drive to Mamaw’s house we topped a hill (Like any other Mississippi hill) to see a tableau of wild jonquils, a riot of buttercream yellow and white, carpeting a gently sloping field. Mamma took our picture sitting among the flowers in the gentle spring sunlight, the three of us so … More Polaroid Moment

Summer of Mary

You taught me how to shave my legs, the downy almost invisible blonde strands of silk falling to the razors swath, the last vestige of a child’s body helpless against the vanity of a teenagers critical eye. But I loved you, that summer, loved your shiny pageboy flip, your tweezed eyebrows and ice pale lips. … More Summer of Mary


Disjointed dreams widen the cracks in a shifting foundation. Digestion creeps by degrees beneath the eroding surface swallowing right and wrong, skewing the underpinnings, cracking the ribcage, scattering rocks around disillusioned hearts.


Name me any color you like: Chartreuse Vermillion Cattleya Lay me in a bed of rare papyrus among prismatic swirls of paisley nesting sweetly into each other and fill me in. When finally your epicene brush lifts from the page, we’ll cry like fools, licking our tears of hue and tint from our rapturous faces. … More Chroma