Fold us into Velvet

darkness of eyes, darkness of cloudsflowing off the Gulf,lamps will not light this place as cerulean yields to burgundyas night folds us into velvet,when we sleepyou sometimes hold my hand —— from “When You Sleep Without Pain” by Peach Delphine in Feral Poetry

NaPoWriMo Day 4

Unseeable, Unheard Under the bridge river water swallows soil slowly relentlessly dispassionate steel sucks whispers and murmurs voices lost in the lapping of things not forgotten people come and go come and go release their heartbroken runes in the earth stroke sorrowful-eyed faces graffitied on concrete crouch low, be invisible let it all go * … More NaPoWriMo Day 4

Roots and Rituals

Roots and Rituals when you say,             Give me silence,                         purify my sour heart – I prepare yellow gills of liminal poison brush damp earth from caps scented of hoar and musk, slice then grind under mortar and … More Roots and Rituals

Magnetic Poetry: “Healing that Surrounds”

Healing that Surrounds Remember mornings moist Blushing velvet ghosts You(r) porcelain laugh You(r) delicious caramel cake voice Flying ferociously through smoke and glass Dazzling this vast wild universe Breathing life into the stars * I visited The Oracle this morning to gain a little inspiration. I think she obliged quite well except for not providing … More Magnetic Poetry: “Healing that Surrounds”

On Fire & Life

We are a fire of unfamiliarity  jumping into the night, an abandonment  of reason, a run through what-ifs  oranges seared in retinas yellows molted on tongues a language to be discovered  on our journey through hard times or joyful bursting hearts instinctual and primal because we are atoms and molecules  and the stuff that makes … More On Fire & Life

Dry Spell

Moisture is clinging to everything – on the undersides of flower petals it glistens like starlight, on the edges of the awning where it drops on my head just as I step out from under, on the slick black back of my cat slinking through the bushes hunting lizards. But I am dry, dry, dry … More Dry Spell