“Thus the world grows rich, grows wild, and you too, grow rich, grow sweetly wild, as you too were born to be.” —- from “The Other Kingdoms” by Mary Oliver


Watercolors Our days and nights bleed togetherWatercolors on canvasHue and tint minglingOver hours, minutes, secondsOur passing bodies weave a patternOf do’s and don’tsOf when’s and what if’sWe linger in life’s paint strokesIts colors running faster and faster In response to dVerse Poet’s Pub prompt for Quadrille #136: Let’s Linger. It’s been a long, long time … More Watercolors

After the Dance

After the Dance I smooth my dress Lathered in a stormy lie Washed in acrylic intent A waning wind tongues withered dreams Runs on fiddled feet  Drives a purpled moon in a godless sky


I visited The Oracle this morning and here’s what she said…. Crushed Shine me like waxy whispers through a thousand tiny storms Honey my hair in forest mist rock spray and lazy lake wind Chant diamond-tongued petals sweet in the moonlight Soar like a symphony in a lust-milked sky

Nature, Poetry, and Ecopoetry

This is a really interesting essay in a really interesting blog I’ve recently begun reading. I recommend it, poets! The 1960s brought an awareness of an emerging environmental crisis. This crisis captured the attention of poets and led to the creation of ecopoetry… Nature, Poetry, and Ecopoetry

Scarabs Crawl Over Poetry Discourse

The poet’s bright soul is shatteredDarkness shouts through the cracks Scarab enablers crawl – a cracklingof criticism, a skittering of fingertips – Over the poet’s broken shell – poor, poor poet!Her piteous sighs caress the scarabs like bees In smoke – their kindness subdued , their thinkingNumbed How many ways might a scarab threaten death?How … More Scarabs Crawl Over Poetry Discourse

Poem in Emerge Journal

I’m thrilled to have my poem, “Mint”, in Emerge Literary Journal’s new issue. Thanks to Editors Ariana and Damon for selecting this piece and allowing my work in their pages once again. I’ve been reading the issue this afternoon and there is so much goodness in it! Do go and take a look!

3X is a Charm

Recently I had three poems and an interview published in Fevers of the Mind. A few days later, to top it off, FotM nominated my poem “Swaddling the Beast” for the Best of the Net Anthology. I am grateful and want to thank Editor David O’Nan for his support of my work and the writing … More 3X is a Charm

Fold us into Velvet

darkness of eyes, darkness of cloudsflowing off the Gulf,lamps will not light this place as cerulean yields to burgundyas night folds us into velvet,when we sleepyou sometimes hold my hand —— from “When You Sleep Without Pain” by Peach Delphine in Feral Poetry