NaPoWriMo Day 21

Kiss Redux I need dusk ‘til dawn to turn my world particular I want extra time to talk dirty to be flirty to maybe have a good time To dance my world particular * This wee verse is a found poem created from the lyrics to “Kiss” by Prince. Today is the anniversary of his … More NaPoWriMo Day 21

NaPoWriMo Day 19

Cemetery Garden: A Cento In every room of my home, the candles had been pinched dark,(1) my mind spends much of its time reliving finished conversations. (2) I think perhaps an apple is the universe and your body is an orchard full of trees, (3) the bitter taste of half a life. What if you … More NaPoWriMo Day 19

What’s Fixed

My heart and psyche after too many years of discontent,when my way was as lost as a specter in the house where it died. There is no stability in this life, no safety net. But there is the long slow back rub of time to heal the broken parts, smooth over the scars, and newborn … More What’s Fixed

The Poet

  Poem by Jane Hirshfield, stolen from Kasey Jueds on Twitter. I’d never read it before but it’s so perfect I wanted to share it. For all the poems by all the poets we will never know. Keep writing!