Spring Drunk

Japanese Plum Tree drops globes of fiery comets from above to earth surprising cats and humans bumbling in spring’s new clothing, self-absorbed ***** Napowrimo Day 14 I was walking around my back yard this morning, admiring all the new green things popping up, when I got a craving for Haiku. Haiku is one of my … More Spring Drunk

In the Garden

  Morning sunshine backlights the ferns giving them a glowing radiance. Mockingbirds swoop and hop over the garden from wire to tree in a spring mating dance, oblivious to the full feeder where other birds feast. A slight breeze rustles the bamboo like slippered feet crossing the floor and the wind-chime offers a solitary ding … More In the Garden

Morning Meditation 5.12.15

Still Tuesday morning walking through the neighborhood I decide tank tops are a required dress code for New Orleans humidity. Creamy magnolias nod amongst fat green leaves looking like globs of whipped cream in pistachio pudding. The lazy hum of a buzz saw ignites imaginings of flying away on the wings of a honey bee.

Polaroid Moment

Easter Sunday afternoon on the drive to Mamaw’s house we topped a hill (Like any other Mississippi hill) to see a tableau of wild jonquils, a riot of buttercream yellow and white, carpeting a gently sloping field. Mamma took our picture sitting among the flowers in the gentle spring sunlight, the three of us so … More Polaroid Moment