Chimera (A Wild and Unrealistic Dream or Notion) All I want on a Sunday morning is to luxuriate in my laziness. I want to watch old movies with the volume turned up loud, the newspaper crackling as I shift my supine body on the couch, the words of duplicitous politicians and photos of narcissistic socialites … More Chimera


The sky opens up, a wet cut spilling it’s warm fluid. Inside, I watch the windows fog over, tracing absent hearts with melancholy fingertips. ***** Shared on dVerse Poets Pub, an online space where poets share their work and support each other. Today’s prompt: the dog days of summer.

Summer Toes

One of my favorite blogs is Toemail where the blogger posts all kinds of interesting photos from around the world. She kind of specializes in feet and often posts pics of feet in interesting circumstances or doing beautiful and fun things. Just now, as I was looking through Toemail, I remembered a photo I took … More Summer Toes