Stitching the Pieces

Your eyes only saw the best part of me, perfectly groomed in classic black and heels, ambivalence hidden behind serenity’s repose. I kept dishevelment ensconced in private rooms where uncombed hair fell in tangled lanks and mismatched Pj’s enclosed goose-pimpled flesh from the draft of honesty. Your ears only heard whispers and murmurs and sonorous … More Stitching the Pieces


juicy thoughts drown stress a  mouthful of life savored sated figure rests ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haiku inspired by Three Word Wednesday


Adrift timeless weightless, directionless, immense an effect fortuitous as the shimmer of a flower seed floating through the twilight garden on the breath of Oya ~ ~ ~ Poem inspired by Three Word Wednesday CCXI


Photo by Lisa Mulvey, New Orleans Courtyard Heady with lust within the scent of sweet olive, dusk descends chasing sunlight across weathered bricks into intimate corners where the green faerie and fingers intermingle across wrought iron table tops. A thin sheen of sweat glistens above her upper lip, a hint of saltiness that melts on … More Courtyard


I remember your nimble fingers in the morning tickling down  my piano key spine from the straightness of my neck to the roundness of my derrière as the light of a new-born day dappled gold across our love worn bed. I remember your nimble fingers in the late afternoon following the S-curve of my sated … More Ambidextrous


I began this poem three weeks ago from the word prompts amaze, frail and sacred on Three Word Wednesday but I was unable to complete it. I just couldn’t get the feelings about my chosen subject to settle into coherence until last night. Yesterday, I was contacted by an internet friend who let me know … More Disparity


Amaze I dreamed of your kiss last night. When I awoke and remembered it brought tears to my eyes. The pre-dawn’s frail light and the call of a single bird caused a hunger between my breasts as I lay in my bed caught in a sacred nether-world of memory and desire. Time has a way … More Amaze

Toxic Karma

The prompts for today’s Three Word Wednesday are karma ~ obey ~ wither. Toxic Karma When a spirit is smothered throughout a lifetime, the heart turns to stone the soul withers and the body becomes an abandoned decayed shell devoid of  light Some will say this is karma, that Moirai did not look kindly upon … More Toxic Karma


The prompts for today’s 3WW are frustrate ~ indecent ~ understand Frustrate She waited an indecent amount of time in a world where consideration used to matter called ~Planet Earth~ still inhabited by (as far as she knew) humans with the ability to reason who could understand that a question expects an answer,  even the … More Frustrate