RIP, Tony

I woke up to the shocking news of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. I literally felt a shock, dropping my iPad in my lap, coming to my feet. I’m not a person who is impressed by celebrity. I don’t follow celebrities or read about their lives. But I didn’t consider Tony a celebrity- he was too down-to-earth, … More RIP, Tony

13 Odd Questions

There’s a column in the weekend Wall Street Journal that I enjoy reading called “20 Odd Questions”. All sorts of people are quizzed, from actors to artists, athletes to writers, designers to scientists. It’s interesting to read the answers and, often, you learn something new or glean tips you can use yourself. I like to … More 13 Odd Questions

The Big Picture

From the window of a moving train you can see only the big picture. Clouds and a wall of green move past like a dream that vanishes when you wake. To focus on one tree or one house or cloud makes your eyes cross with a feeling of hurtling into space from the broken safety … More The Big Picture

Anthony Bourdain in New Orleans

Anthony Bourdain recently visited New Orleans for his show “The Layover” and it aired last Monday night. It was  great tour of our city, visiting many businesses and neighborhoods that get little national coverage. Please check out  my review of the show on  my New Orleans blog,    Photo via The Travel Channel.