Oak Tree and Fern

“Beauty was all around them. Unsuspected tintings glimmered in the dark demesnes of the woods and glowed in their alluring by-ways. The spring sunshine sifted through the young green leaves. Gay trills of song were everywhere. There were little hollows where you felt as if you were bathing in a pool of liquid gold. At … More Oak Tree and Fern

Spring Drunk

Japanese Plum Tree drops globes of fiery comets from above to earth surprising cats and humans bumbling in spring’s new clothing, self-absorbed ***** Napowrimo Day 14 I was walking around my back yard this morning, admiring all the new green things popping up, when I got a craving for Haiku. Haiku is one of my … More Spring Drunk

April Oaks

Ancient black arms and newborn green fingers stretch upward to infinite azure Thousands of shimmering cymbals clamor in the breeze Raise your eyes Absorb the vitality